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Dr. Velyvis robotic knee surgeon in San Francisco, Ca has performed over 500 robotic knee surgeries, which is the most in the United States. The MakoPlasty partial knee replacement and the MakoPlasty total hip replacement are the most accurate, patient-specific custom techniques available at this time.

Starting in 2008,Dr. Velyvis has now performed this procedure in over 500 cases to the delight of his patients. Their outcomes have never been better with this precision technique. With the aid of the passive robotic arm, each joint replacement is customized to the exact specifications of each patient. A more accurate joint replacement leads to a longer lasting result.

Dr. John Velyvis Makoplasty knee surgeon San Francisco, Ca is the Number ONE MakoPlasty surgeon in the USA.MakoPlasty is robotic assisted precision surgery. The joint surfaces are carefully and precisely sculpted with the robotic arm under full control of the surgeon. This allows the most accurate installation of your joint replacement possible. The surgery takes less than an hour and each surgery is performed through minimally invasive techniques.

Dr. John Velyvis orthopedic, hip and knee surgeon San Francisco, Ca and Minimally invasive surgery techniques.For the knee, Dr. Velyvis employs the QUAD SPARING minimally invasive incision.For the hip, Dr. Velyvis employs the DIRECT ANTERIOR and the MINI POSTERIOR approaches, depending on the specific anatomy of each patient.Minimally invasive surgery allows for a faster recovery with less pain. Less tissue disruption means less bleeding and less scar tissue, which leads directly to a greater range of motion of your joint. Less time is required to recover from your joint replacement and less pain medications are needed than ever before.

Dr. John Velyvis Makoplasty knee surgeon San Francisco, Ca has formed the (PRO) Precision Robotic Orthopedic Surgical Institute. This entity has carefully crafted a joint replacement program to minimize downtime and maximize your recovery. We start with preoperative care to prepare you for your procedure. We work with your primary care doctor,your cardiologist, and all your trusted doctors to equip you for your joint replacement. Pre-emptive analgesia and medications reduce pain and nausea associated with surgery. During the surgery, we use the minimally invasive techniques to least disrupt your tissues. We use the robotic MakoPlasty surgical arm for a custom precise fit of the implant. Postoperatively, patients go home in comfort and start their physical therapy and rehabilitation.

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