Paul   D.   Saadi, MD

Paul D. Saadi, MD

12222 North Central Expressway, Suite 130
Dallas, Texas 75243



  • Preoperative Pain Management
  • Knee Surgery
  • Hip Surgery
  • Joint Replacement
  • Sports Medecine
  • ACL Reconstruction
  • Hip Arthroscopic Surgery
  • Physical Therapy


Paul D. Saadi, MD - Dallas, TX
The West Tower at Doctors Hospital
9330 Poppy Drive Suite 300
Dallas, Texas 75218
(972) 708-4660

Dallas Bone Joint Clinic
at Forest Park Medical Center
12222 North Central Expressway, Suite 130
Dallas, Texas 75243
(972) 708-4660

Specialty: Orthopedic, hip and knee surgeon Dallas Texas.

Dr. Paul Saadi has been part of the Dallas Bone Joint Clinic since 1999. While in practice, he has developed techniques using computers to more accurately align and place total joint implants through minimally invasive exposures. He also has applied computer assisted surgery to spinal operations for increased accuracy and efficiency. He is now using robotic technology along with implantable sensor technology to help further improve the long term results of joint replacement surgeries in younger patients. Dr. Saadi is board certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgeons and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons in Dallas, Texas.

  • Arthroscopic Surgery Dallas, TX
  • Sports Medicine Dallas, TX
  • Cervical Disc Replacement Dallas, TX
  • Hand Upper Extremity Surgery Dallas, TX
  • Arthritis Diagnosis Treatment Dallas, TX
  • Joint Replacement Revisions Dallas, TX
  • Spine Surgery Dallas, TX
  • Foot Ankle Surgery Dallas, TX
  • Fracture Trauma Care Dallas, TX
  • Hip Resurfacing Dallas, TX
  • Hip Replacement Dallas, TX
  • Knee Replacement Dallas, TX
  • Knee Surgeon Dallas, TX
  • Knee Surgery Dallas, TX
  • Hip Surgeon Dallas, TX
  • Hip Surgery Dallas, TX
  • Joint Replacement Dallas, TX
  • Knee Pain Dallas, TX
  • Hip Pain Dallas, TX
  • Shoulder Pain Dallas, TX
  • Robotic Knee Surgery Dallas, TX.
  • Robotic Knee Surgeon Dallas, TX
  • Robotic Hip Surgery Dallas, TX.
  • Robotic Hip Surgeon Dallas, TX.
  • Elbow and hand surgery Dallas, TX
  • Spine Surgeon Dallas, TX
  • Spine Surgery Dallas, TX
  • Computer System Spine Dallas, TX
  • Computer System Spine Surgery Dallas, TX
  • Makoplasty Dallas, TX

At The Dallas Bone Joint Clinic, our physicians and staff pride themselves on their expertise with work-related illness and injuries covered under Worker's Compensation. All of our physicians can perform Qualified Medical Evaluations, Agreed Medical evaluations, and Independent Medical Evaluations.

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